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Beyond Pester 102: Acceptance testing with PowerShellGlenn Sarti2019-05-18PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2019
Mastering PowerShell testing with PesterMark Wragg2018-10-10PSDay.UK 2018
Beyond Pester 101: Applying testing principles to PowerShellGlenn Sarti2018-05-03PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2018
Infrastructure validation using PesterIrwin Strachan2018-04-18PowerShell Conference EU 2018
Pester internals and concepts (v4)Jakub Jareš2018-04-18PowerShell Conference EU 2018
How we made Configurable Pester Tests for SQL ServerChrissy LeMaire, Rob Sewell2018-04-17PowerShell Conference EU 2018
Fighting Configuration Drift with Dynamic Pester TestsAndré Kamman2017-05-04PowerShell Conference EU 2017
Green is bad Red is Good - Turning your Checklists into Pester TestsRob Sewell2017-05-03PowerShell Conference EU 2017
Introduction to testing with PesterJakub Jareš2017-04-08PowerShell UG Singapore
Pester the Tester PowerShell Bugs BewareRobert Cain2016-06-14Mississippi PowerShell User Group
Test-Driven Development with PesterJune Blender2016-04-21PowerShell Conference EU 2016
Pester in Action - seriesKevin Marquett2015-11-11